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Lacy Messinger

Facials - Waxing - Sugaring - Reiki - Energy Healing - Head Spa Treatments - Running Shit

I have been passionate about the beauty and hair world since I was a little girl.  That dream became reality in 2004, when I started cosmetology school.  In my time working at one of the prestigious Jacques Dessange salons, I fell in love with both the world of French beauty and product knowledge.  It was then that I started to truly understand the power of educating yourself, being prescriptive when choosing products, and the importance of healthy skin and hair.  Since then, I have studied (and taught) all facets of hair, traveling from the east to the west coast for education. I have also developed two clean, professional beauty brands, Lace Luxury Haircare and Lako Beauty.

In my constant quest for self improvement, you can always catch me taking some sort of class or certification course. Lately, I am focused on learning and training in all things energy healing. These methods have been life-changing!!! I have learned how to close toxic pattern loops, heart opening, trauma healing, protection, cutting negative energy cords, reiki, and so much more. Going through this healing with my partner, Joscelyn, was both an intense and beautiful way to begin our life together. We are both truly honored to be able to bring this work to Black Label Society. It means so much to be able to help our Pittsburgh community in such a deep and meaningful way.

I will be splitting my time between the spa, salon, and family life. I am so grateful have finally found balance before 40!

With love and light,
Lacy Messinger, Owner/Founder

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