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The Powerful Benefits of Reiki

What is Reiki?

Reiki is an ancient Japanese practice used for spiritual healing that enhances your overall quality of life.  Reiki uses the power of universal energy, channeled from the healers' hands to you.  Studies have shown that the use of Reiki has reduced blood pressure, improved sleep habits, lessened anxiety and reduced pain in both humans and animals. 

How does it work?

All beings operate at an electromagnetic vibration.  In a Reiki session your practitioner will have you lie on a massage bed and get comfortable.  There will be relaxing music playing in a relaxing and ambient environment.  The practitioner will then place their hands either just above or lightly on various places along your body that align with your chakras. This process increases the flow to your body and chakras, clearing blockages and clearing out negative energy.  The biofields, or energy fields, in our bodies regulate everything from our cellular function to our nervous systems according to Shamini Jain, assistant professor of psychiatry at the University of California-San Diego.  Reiki works with the body's life force energy to heal and reset our chakras.  You can actually become more aware of the energies within your body with meditation, exercise and proper eating and sleeping habits!  Basically, Reiki works by resolving unreleased stress and tension within the body which we all know stress is one of the number one issues related to depression, anxiety and heart disease, to name a few.

At Black Label Society Spa, we are dedicated to your spiritual and mental wellness as well as the physical.  We truly believe that in order for a person to be their best self physically it begins with your mental and spiritual health first.  That is why we have spent countless hours curating the perfect energy healing sessions for you.  Both Lacy and Joscelyn have spent immeasurable time taking classes and studying Reiki, Energy Healing and manifestation to help you become the best version of your highest self. For more information visit our website at or just give us a call at 412-420-1699!  We all suffer in our different walks of life.  Don’t wait any longer to start your healing journey!

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